Why I love coffee

Up until A and I met, coffee really didn’t have a significant role in my life. I occasionally drank it if I was at my parent’s house or maybe on Christmas morning, but it wasn’t something I needed or felt incomplete without. Now, I can’t imagine a life without it.


Do I think it is because of the flavor? Eh, not necessarily.


Maybe it’s the smell of freshly roasted coffee! Quite possibly.


Is it because it’s an incredibly complex bean that can manifest itself into one of the most delicious liquids to ever be consumed? Not quite.


Coffee became so important to me because it was SO important to A. A’s life revolved around coffee. My schedule had to adapt to fit around her barista schedule, which meant getting out of bed before 10 AM for the first time in forever. It was new and it was hard, but I wouldn’t have changed it.


A’s passion drove me to look for a passion of my own. I thought I had it figured out. I wanted to be a chef, and long story short – it didn’t go well. I needed a new creative outlet to fill this void inside me. A stepped in and saved the day, with *BOOM* coffee.


Coffee became essential, not because of the caffeine properties, (don’t get me wrong it helped), but because it was something A was already in love with and something I grabbed onto and I fell in love with. And I fell in love with it faster than anything, except A of course :).


Coffee is boundless. It can be researched, studied, created, developed, and brewed with so many different variables. Coffee allows the mind an escape. You are allowed to be creative, intuitive, personable, scientific and mathematical. You have to be patient, and you get burned over and over. Coffee lets a person work to their full potential and always leaves room for growth.


I know I have a long way to go in coffee, but it’s something, maybe the first thing actually, that I am 100% passionate about. Looking back, cooking didn’t full-fill this void deep inside me. Cooking was a band-aid. It was something I enjoyed, but not something I loved. Coffee, I love. Being a barista, I love. I love latte art, Indonesian coffee, and the occasional Kenyan. I love the smell of freshly roasted coffee,  and the decibel you hit when the milk is steaming just right.


Most of all, I love coffee because it allows me the opportunity to work with my best friend, A. Our lives are coffee. We live, sweat, and bleed coffee.


And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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