Tell Myself

I tell myself


We met when I was young

You were the friend of a friend

You and I clicked

We’ve been close since then


Until one day several years later

I dropped a bomb

I said I was leaving

And I wouldn’t come back


We tried staying close

You tried to be more

You gave your hope up

Because I ruined it all


We could be together

You could be mine

You could be half of two again

Our relationship could be saved


I tell myself you still love me

I tell myself you still care

I tell myself I still trust you

I tell myself we’re still close


But trust isn’t possible

And neither is your love

It has been too long

So I’ve been telling myself lies


G Faith is a loving, doe-eyed, retired gymnast who loves to spend her spare time eating. Her favorite color is blue, and she refuses to limit her favorite shape to two dimensions. She’s sassy, she’s smart, and just to clarify, her favorite shape is a cube.

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