Don’t tell me when to smile

I swear if one more person tells me to smile…
I get it. I do. I get that you’d rather be around me when I’m chipper and beaming. I get that you enjoy the presence of an obviously happy person. But I swear if someone tells me to smile one more time I’m going to lose it.
I haven’t had this issue before recently. I’ve read about it on Facebook, and I’ve seen the girl power articles where women are pissed off at men for telling them to smile, like-who-are-you-to-tell-me-to-smile-screw-you-and-your-grandmother. 
But I didn’t really relate to the red hot fury that ignites in your bones when you hear that word. I didn’t understand how quickly it causes the hairs on the back of your neck to stand on their ends. I didn’t understand how violating those words feel as they slither into your ears.
I didn’t understand how white your knuckles would turn as you clenched your fist straining to keep yourself from swinging. I didn’t understand the plummeting feeling in your stomach, in your heart, when these words turn your average day into a terrible one.
I didn’t understand the right hook these words hit you with when you realized how inconvenient you’ve become to the people around you with your unenthusiastic expression. I hadn’t experienced the helplessness that COURSES THROUGH YOUR VIENS when you realize, yet again, that you did nothing to no one and yet still, you’re wrong.
When did my smile become anybody’s business? 
I think these people that tell us to smile claim to be saying it with “good intentions.” But can I just say, take your good intentions and keep walking. Don’t concern yourself with the shapes my face makes. 
If you want to see me smile, then say something that makes me smile. If you can’t handle the responsibility of the two seconds it would take you to say something nice in lieu of telling me to smile, then you honestly don’t deserve to see my pearly whites. If you’re still not understanding, here’s a couple ideas you can use instead of telling someone to smile:
1) Smile at them. (SHOCKER! Smiling is generally contagious.)

2) Tell them a joke.

3) Give them a high five.

4) Genuinely compliment them.

5) IN THIS ORDER: Ask them how their day was, what they did that day, and what the best part of their day was. BONUS: Smile, listen, and respond when they answer.

6) Do something nice for them.
Again, if you can’t be bothered to do any of these five things, then you have no business in even thinking about telling someone to smile.

4 thoughts on “Don’t tell me when to smile

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