The Married Barista started as a way to brand myself as a professional barista on Instagram. After a year of marriage and scrolling through my Instagram profile, I realized it had become much more than that. 

It became not only about the coffee industry, but about my husband – B, our marriage, our walk with God, and our pups – Itzy and Zoe. I realized I had a lot to say about a lot of different topics, and B felt the same way. Our blog covers everything from barista equipment, tutorials, and local coffee shop reviews, to struggles in life and how we overcame them, to our walk in faith, and of course, our dogs.

Disclaimer: You should know that none of our opinions are shared by or represent our current employer.

Getting to know the Polks

The wife: A

I’m a twenty-five year old married, Messianic Jew, college drop out who just went back to school.  When we started this website I was a successful Coffee Shop Manager, Barista, Artist, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Reservation Coordinator, and a Marketing Manager.  Now I’m a wife, student, and barista. My life is measured in picas, grams, and likes.  I’m looking for something more, in a lot less.  I am The Married Barista.

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The husband: B

I’m a coffee drinking, soccer loving, husband who loves cooking and reading. I’m interested in too many things to decide on one career path, so I’m hoping that decision finds me. Who knows, though, maybe I’ll make up my mind someday. What’s most important to me in the meantime is my family, my wife, Tottenham Hotspurs, and my work ethic. Also George Ezra’s music is my shit tho.

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Guest Writers

There have been times where people have come into our lives and shared their hearts with us. This open vulnerability is a part of our inspiration, and part of our mission is to share the lessons they have taught us. These people remind us to stay humble and kind, and the love that they spread is immeasurable.

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“I’ve worked with A a lot on different projects over a few years. She is always very professional, fun to work with and has amazing knowledge about coffee! I really enjoy working with her and highly recommend her for anything you want to learn or do with coffee!”

Katie Byrd-Moore Owner, Chapman Swifts Coffee House

You have been so wonderful to work with! You have made our wedding day more beautiful with all the thought and care you put into our reception. I know it is difficult working with someone from far away, but you have made this experience amazing! You are very clearly the woman for this job!

-Wedding reception as Reservation Coordinator

The Hanson Family

Coffee Shops We ❤️

In no particular order, these are the coffee shops we can’t get enough of!

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